Far from the maddening crowd, just 45 minutes from Johannesburg, set on the banks of the Vaal River below the Barrage, lies the tranquil abode of Yellow Fish Paradise.

The 750 meters of river frontage provides both fast and slow runs flowing into large rocky pools with ideal eddies for holding both large and small mouth yellow fish, amongst other species common to the Vaal River system.

Yellow Fish Paradise is now not only a popular fishing venue. Patrons are now also enjoying the five self catering rondawels with its "on the river bank lapa" as a popular party venue for After-wedding parties, bachelor and birthday celebrations. The fact that a "all in stock" shop and well stocked liquor store exists on the premises with realistic prices adds to the convenience.


As the question of water flow in the Vaal below the Barrage (Lochvaal) is always of concern to our patrons, I have taken the trouble of providing three contacts for information concerning the river flow:

a) On the internet- BARRAGE DAILY FLOW RATE

b) Mr. Karel Kleinhans at 016 987-2044

c) The general Water Board number of Barrage is 016 987-2010

Fly Fishing Clinic

We are Fortunate to have a Fly Fishing Coach, Jeff Comins that are available on Request at Yellow Fish Paradise.

Jeff can be Contacted on 071 482 8694 for Fly Fishing dates or a Clinic Course.

Monthly Report

Once again, our winter monthly report proves the reason why we do not report every week. As mentioned in my previous report, one would expect that the 20th of June is the swing around of our winter to spring and summer. However, the minus temperatures at night have persisted throughout July, leaving the river temperature around 10 Degree Centigrade.

The night temperatures are slowly improving and fish activity should improve during August. One of our regular patron caught 2Kg Smal mouth Yellow at the beginning of the Month, just show us Fish do need to eat even in winter time. Some nice Carps were caught during the last month by Bank Anglers ranging from 8Kg - 10 Kg. Some flyfishermen have also started braving the cold waters and have also been lucky in landing the odd Carp or so. Just one Month left before the new Fishing season so lets gear up and get ready.

Poaching & Illegal netting on Middle Vaal:

I have included a message from Chris Williams, chairman of the Northvaal Chapter of FOSAF on this serious matter. Chris may be contacted at FOSAF Northvaal together with the YWG is putting in a concerted campaign towards trying to prevent the illegal netting and commercial exploitation of yellowfish on both the Gauteng and Free State banks of the river.

We are concentrating on the Vaal Triangle/Parys high density population area. A typical example of malpractice would be fishermen using small-sized mesh nets and chicken wire traps also offal-baited long line systems using 2 litre soft drink bottles as floats.

Venues along the mid-Vaal have advised they have witnessed catches of up to 100 fish at one illegal netting/fishing operation. Vehicles then drive to the river bank and the fish are whisked away to local villages and towns. Frozen smallmouth, and to a lesser extent largemouth, Yellowfish are being sold on the streets from cooler boxes in the whole area. The other problem facing many riverine farmers and landowners is the threat of intimidation and violence from guilty parties who have been caught in the act.

We need to differentiate between organised criminal commercial fishing syndicates and the local subsistence angler fishing purely for the pot for himself and his family. We are trying to get a group together of genuine "fishing for the potters" to give them a bit of info on conservation and sustainable fishing and also to ask them for their ideas and thoughts. The police have done several "swoops" and arrested some criminals but a lot more action is needed. There will be a long battle still ahead but at least we are making some inroads.

Please advise us of any incidents of which you have experience and any ideas/suggestions from your side welcome any time! This is very much ongoing work in progress but with all your help hopefully we will start to see positive results. We are already in discussions with most of the mid-Vaal fishing venues and by the start of the smallmouth season in September we will personally be calling on the various venues for their reports, input and suggestions. United we will have much more influence than working separately. As well as please keeping us informed and report serious violations on the above to the relevant local police stations.

We are giving them information on all the above so they will be expecting calls! Let's hope they can work with all of us on the above.

Parys - 056 816 2512 Barrage -016 987 1811 Vereeniging/Three Rivers - 016 450 2080 Vanderbijl Park - 016 910 9000

Winter Specials
Special during week days and weekend must book two nights
Special during week days and weekend must book two nights

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