Far from the maddening crowd, just 45 minutes from Johannesburg, set on the banks of the Vaal River below the Barrage, lies the tranquil abode of Yellow Fish Paradise.

The 750 meters of river frontage provides both fast and slow runs flowing into large rocky pools with ideal eddies for holding both large and small mouth yellow fish, amongst other species common to the Vaal River system.

Yellow Fish Paradise is now not only a popular fishing venue. Patrons are now also enjoying the five self catering rondawels with its "on the river bank lapa" as a popular party venue for After-wedding parties, bachelor and birthday celebrations. The fact that a "all in stock" shop and well stocked liquor store exists on the premises with realistic prices adds to the convenience.


As the question of water flow in the Vaal below the Barrage (Lochvaal) is always of concern to our patrons, I have taken the trouble of providing three contacts for information concerning the river flow:

a) On the internet- BARRAGE DAILY FLOW RATE

b) Mr. Karel Kleinhans at 016 987-2044

c) The general Water Board number of Barrage is 016 987-2010

Monthly Report

It can certainly be said that this winter, we experienced one of the coldest winters for the past twenty years. Ironically it was not so Cold during the daytime. During the nights, however, we suffered anything from 0 Degree Centigrade to 10 Degree Centigrade from one week to another. There were mornings when the first half a meter of water along the river edge was frozen. Daytime temperatures of the water dropped to 6 Degree Centigrade. Experienced Fly Fishermen tried to prove the "norm" wrong by fishing the river when temperature was so low. They came up empty handed. The odd small Carp did make some effort to feed, but Yellows and Muddies and Barbell as well as Black Bass just made no effort. Infact they did not even show.

U. J. (University of Johannesburg) students from the Zoology Department are spending a few days with us. They are studying the conditions of our fish in this part of the Vaal, the effects that any possible spillage may have and possible bacteria found on the specimens they net. With our next report any "out of the ordinary" findings will be made known.

The night temperatures are slowly improving and fish activity should improve during August. Two bank anglers just seeking a few days away from the madness of the town rush were pleasantly surprised when a run on one of their rods could not be turned around. The fish just kept going until the reel was stripped of all the line. One can only assume it to be a Big Carp. They also caught a fair size Carp afterwards. They experimented with several dips and were unable to state which of the two flavours on the rod was taken.

Our reports will resume on a weekly basis at the end of August and our patrons will again enjoy a concise fish activity Report.

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